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Feeder Commitment Updated 10/1/2014

It is anticipated that the girls feeder teams will be together up to two nights during the week as well as on Saturday and Sunday. This is a big commitment to make. We recognize that the girls may have conflicts and always emphasize that school and family are always the first priority. Should any of the girls be involved in an activity for another sport we would expect that the "feeder" commitment be given priority, as much as possible. We highly recommend not participating in another basketball program during the season. Should you decide to participate on another team, we would expect that the "feeder" commitment would have priority.

Junior Knights Girls Code of Conduct... Updated 6/26/2013

Junior Knights Girls Basketball
Code of Conduct

The primary purpose of a youth sports program is to offer each participant the opportunity to pursue, through competitive sports, the physical and emotional benefits of such activities. Too often the emphasis in sports participation has been placed on winning at any cost. The purpose of the Junior Knights Code of Conduct, to be followed by every participant, is to emphasize good sportsmanship and proper conduct.

The Prospect Junior Knights Feeder Basketball Program is a direct reflection on Prospect High School and the program has traditionally maintained a high level of Pride and Respect in every situation and interaction.

The Junior Knights Code of Conduct applies to all players, coaches, officials, parents, and spectators.  The coaches are solely responsible for the action of their players, parents, and spectators.  The Junior Knights Code of Conduct is based on the following principles of sportsmanship:

1. It is expected that all parents and fans will root for their team in a positive manner.  The Junior Knights will not tolerate negative remarks or gestures to the opposing team or to the officials.  Parents/spectators are subject to having a technical foul called by an official on their team for negative comments.

2. It is expected the players will do their best at all times, avoid negative remarks to any player, official or coach, and act in a sportsmanlike manner always, win or lose.

3. It is expected that players will play and coaches will coach their team, not officiate the game.

4. It is expected that the coaches will control their teams and the parents of the players on their teams at all times; although the coaches should make an effort to win and have their players try hard at all times, coaches are required to act in a sportsmanlike manner.

5. No official, player, spectator or coach shall lay a hand upon, push, shove, strike, threaten, verbally abuse, or otherwise endanger the safety of any other official, player, spectator, or coach.  Violators may be permanently banned from future Junior Knights participation.

We encourage you to root for your team, play hard and have fun.  However, the Junior Knights will not tolerate unsportsmanlike behavior nor will it tolerate those who violate the rules.  Parents, coaches, referees, or spectators who violate any of the above will be subject to disciplinary action by the league, including suspension, expulsion and permanent exclusion from Junior Knights participation.  We appreciate your cooperation and support.